Dear Runner Lovers,

Today I woke up early and went on my 15 mile long run.   It felt so good to listen to everything Britney Spears, running along the shore looking at the mountains.  Britney is my favorite, love her.  Throwing it back today, just in that kind of mood after interviewing Kelley and talking about 90's music.  It makes me miss my two older sisters, we listen to everything 90's and early 00's on long car rides!  Hahah.  Womanizer, Toxic, Stronger, 3, Lucky and really all of her songs are fantastic to run to!  Everyone should have a Britney session this weekend, it will make you happy.

There were so many people driving their boats out to the water!  I could see the snow on Mount Washington perfectly, running over my favorite bridge.  SO GORGEOUS! I love running and being out, in touch with nature so much!!  Running is seriously my favorite thing in the world. 

I always run into all sorts of animals in the woods!  Love it!  Except sometimes they jump from the bushes into me, and then freak out and run away... those bunny rabbits.

Then, in the afternoon I just brought my laptop down to the water, and wrote a paper!  So far my weekend is going pretty awesome! 

I hope everyone is doing well!  Have a terrific weekend!



That Pretty Runner