Dear Runner Lovers,

Today in one of my classes we were talking about Henry James and I love his quote,  “Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” 

You can never go wrong with a smile, and kind words.  Spread positive energy!

This also had me thinking about the topic of jealousy.  My advice is, just stand back and smile at the people who are jealous of you. Be mature, stay on your level, complement them, keep everything on a nice note. Focus on yourself, and your goals.  Let the pieces fall where they may. 

Even in a race, I just focus on myself and my goal.  It is so important not to look at what other runners are doing, and to feel confident about your methods.  Looking around can get you in some trouble; very out of breath.  Personally, in races I like to start out slower and speed up. If I am feeling good, I'll pass people and work my way up to the front. I always need to remind myself that even though the girl next to me might start out in an intimidating dead sprint, my pacing is what matters to me.  I might jump in front of her in five miles... Sometimes people cannot maintain the same pace for 20 miles, it takes such a long time to run consistent splits for long durations.  So I value all that hard work on running consistent miles, and save that intimidating dead sprint for the end, when throwing myself out there is not as big of a risk.  While the racing aspect can be important later in the race, I shut everything out and focus on my nice legs, my nice pacing method, and my nice strategy.  Feeling confident about what you are doing, is very important.   

My dad always jokes with me before my races, "Run with your arms up in the air, sprinting, and screaming the first one hundred meters... no one will want to be anywhere near you."  hahah, Even though I have struggled with that concept a lot, I let other people be that crazy runner.  I never regret not letting them be my pacer, when I run by them five miles later.  Sometimes holding yourself back, is really getting yourself ahead!  Unless you are that person who has the superhuman ability to run sub-zero minute miles forever, like my friends  went running with on the beach in New Symrna last year, hahah.  Does anyone else have a running buddy like that? 

Who else struggles with feeling confident in what they're doing, and always considers changing their entire method because of what they see other runners doing in a race?  

Everyone has different paces, races, and levels of competition, but we can all relate.  Right?!

I hope everyone is having a nice day!  


That Pretty Runner