Dear Runner Lovers,

Today, I ran five miles! It was fun and fast, and extremely hilly.  It always makes me smile, to run around town and wave to my neighbors driving by,  make small talk with other runners, and pick up some puppies along the way.

After running, I went shopping with my mom for a new Easter dress!  We're so cool, on our mother daughter dates.

Later in the day, my two little nieces came over to decorate eggs for the Easter bunny!!  They are too cute, and we just had the best time ever.  I love playing dolls, having tea time, and playing hopscotch in the drive-way!

Tomorrow morning before church, me and my sister are going on a run! Hahah, if we wake up in time! :D

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter with their family!! XOXO


Stay Chic,


That Pretty Runner