Dear Runner Lovers,

I am so excited to fly off to spring break tomorrow after my last class!  One more mid-term, yay! 

Today, after my classes I went for a seven mile run.  I wore my plaid pajama shorts and college sweatshirt, with black Nike fly-knits. My cordless Bluetooth headphones are really my favorite thing, because I do not have to worry about accidently pulling my headphones off or the cord getting caught on something!  It's nice to just run without any interruptions.  The worst is when I get my hand caught in the headphones, everything goes flying off, and I have to stop running to put everything back together.  So, yes... I highly recommend investing in cordless headphones because they will take 10 minutes off your training times, hahahah!

My song of the day was super cliché,  I ran to Left Right Left..... oh yeah! Then, I was listening to As You Are, and made jokes to myself like, " Wow, he would really climb that mountain 1000 times for me!?"  Hahah, you're supposed to pretend it's about you!! Does anyone else do that with music sometimes? :D

I hope everyone runs fast and has fun today! XOXO

Stay Chic,

That Pretty Runner