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Handling Metatarsal Stress Fractures....


Last February, I was in Florida with my gramma. Running barefoot on the beach was my favorite thing in the world.  That practice, can be very dangerous for marathoners.  Personally, I was thinking wow I feel amazing and love being barefoot running through the ocean, and jumping over jellyfish.  However, the bones in my feet were not feeling so hot. Everyone who runs a lot, knows that there are pains that you just ignore and push through, sometimes it’s an injury and sometimes it’s not.  I always tell myself I am NOT injured, but sometimes that’s the wrong decision because somethings broken…


One day after barefoot running three miles slow I was fine, but after three miles fast I felt a pain on the top of my foot.  So, I walked over to the cold pool to dip my feet in.  My foot was frozen twenty minutes later, but it still hurt.  I kept running long and hard every day anyway….


A week later, I was walking to my gate in the Atlanta Airport, because my layover was like 5 hours and those shuttles make me nervous.  Suddenly, I wanted to drop to the ground and start crying because that flight made my foot so swollen and walking afterwards was a terrible idea.  Being a marathoner, I just kept walking like I was totally fine.


Despite the pain and swelling I still ran like 15 miles every day, two weeks after flying back from Florida.  Then, my mom and dad noticed lots of  limping so they made me an appointment with my Orthopedic Specialist…. I really thought it was just tendonitis or something, but I was wrong.  My metatarsals were fractured, and if I kept running they might have needed to do surgery, so that was scary.  Now, I always go to the doctor if I feel that type of pain. 


It was a little heartbreaking, because I worked so hard to run well in my half-marathon and full-marathon that season…  Injuries are just something that happens to every athlete at some points in their career.  Yeah, I think I would have ran really fast in my races, but at the same time it could have been a worse injury, and I have time to run fast when my body is all healthy.   It is important to just keep moving forward, having faith that everything will fall into place.


This year, has been all about building up after being injured and trying to get back to that place I felt good.   It has not been easy, but I feel excited about this upcoming summer/fall season!  I am picking up where I left off a year ago, hahahah.  Hopefully, there will be no injuries this year.


What Made me Feel Fine After That X-Ray

  • Eating ice-cream! You need that calcium.  After months and months of zero dessert, and realizing that I needed a little break from running, ice-cream was my go-to.  My dad gave me a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.  Sugar made me feel happy, so delicious.
  • ICE heals everything.  Ice and time are best friends.
  • I actually took off the boot and just wore some really supportive UGG slippers, they were a lot lighter, quiet, and attractive. 
  • I did wear the boot sometimes, like on walks or when I decided to play some wall-ball…
  • Swimming was perfect, I just did laps forever.  The only thing was, my broken foot felt loose, like my toes were going to come off, that felt weird. 
  • Stationary Bike was a good workout.
  • I kept doing abs every night!
  • I started playing my violin again! I picked pieces that I always wanted to play and never did, like the Devils Trill Sonata, so fantastic and maybe not like Vanessa Mae but it was super-fun to try.  My mom thought it was a good opportunity to get back into music!
  • Staying fit during an injury, will help you once you’re back at it!
  • Give your body time to heal, so you don’t re-injure yourself!!!
  • Do not time yourself the first two weeks into training, because you’re going to be getting back in your groove! It is impossible to be as good as you were before an injury, after healing for 4 months!
  • Set small, obtainable goals!  Walk a mile one day, run a half-mile the next.  Do not try to run a full marathon, one month after being cleared.   That would be silly….
  • I take two Calcium tablets with Vitamin D, every day!!  You cannot have too much calcium, and if you do, the body just will not absorb it.
  • I actually gained weight, I still have a butt, chest, hips and love it!  I think I look more my age... it's hard to keep up with calories while running 20 miles every day.  Maybe my body needed a break. 
  • Do not let the lines across the metatarsals on the X-Ray scare you.  I did not believe my doctor when he told me that I was healed, but I went running and felt fine!  So maybe, it is not as bad as it looks.
  • Wear supportive sneakers, with custom insoles!

Go with flow! Everything will fall into place.

I hope everyone is doing well!  Who else has been injured and benched in the past!? Share your story, comment comment comment!! XOXOX


That Petty Runner