Dear Runner Lovers,

Today, I woke up at like 4:30 and read a book (I could not sleep).  Then, went to the gym at 6:30, and ran on the treadmill, for an hour, while reading one of my textbooks... Sometimes it's nice to have an easy paced morning workout and read, I knit hats and infinity scarfs too!  Monday and Friday are my easy days... I always do my abs and 5 pound weight routines everyday, that never changes!

I was really happy in one of my classes today, because my professor told us that he plays the violin.  So, after class I told him that I play the violin, too! It made me feel good talking about music!  Over Christmas break I was working on Sounvenir D'un Lieu Cher, but I leave my violin at home because I do not want anything bad to happen to my instrument!  It's from like the 1700's....:D  I love its sound.  Even though this may be funny, the four hours I practiced my instrument every day for 15 years meant more than I thought, because going off to college and never playing was initially a ginormous shock to my system.  I did not think I would miss it so much, but I really do love music... just the long beautiful notes :D.  Hahah, I think everyone was surprised to learn I played string-bass, too! People tell you never to stop, and it's very true( you'll be sad).  NEVER STOP PLAYING your instrument.   Does any one else ever do their hair, make-up, put on a nice dress and just play a beautiful piece of classical music?!  That makes me smile.... even though I'm not very good anymore because I never play....

I have been very proud of myself lately, for doing my 50 push-ups everyday! Who else is doing their push-ups?!

I hope that everyone is off to an absolutely amazing week!! xoxo


That Pretty Runner