Dear Runner Lovers,  

The weather has literally been fantastic all week!  So, when I was all dressed for class this morning, looking outside and seeing three feet of snow with a blustery blizzard was shocking, hahah☃!  It was nice wearing my denim jacket while it lasted... So I broke out the hot pink fur earmuffs, Under Armour for under my outfit, and two pairs of gloves😩!   


Then, after my 4 classes, I went to the gym🤗!  I did the treadmill on 6 for 20 minutes, and the elliptical for 40 minutes!! I always feel like I am dancing with the elliptical, those hand/arm and hip motions... Does anyone else ever feel like that?!  ☺️. Of course, before heading back outside, I got all warm and toasty in the sauna!  My warm skin makes my coat warm so I can walk in the snowy storm...  I always make new friends in the sauna! ❄️🌬🌨☃

I hope everyone is warm and toasty enjoying Friday night!  Unless it's not Friday where you live, just enjoy the moment, hahah! XOXO💋 

Stay Chic, 

That Pretty Runner😘