Dear Runner Lovers,

Today I went to brunch and studied for some mid-terms.  Then, I walked the loop around my campus, to a pond with a small park-bench and read my textbook for few hours. 

Afterwards, I laced up my running shoes and went out several miles to a bridge, overlooking the mountains and lake.  I stared running with two bikers, it was like they were my pacers!  Super fun! 

I cannot stop listening to Dangerously on my long runs! 

When I arrived to the bridge, I actually sat on down and there were minks swimming underneath!  Hahahah, it reminded me of being at the St. Lawrence River or my great aunt's mink coats and scarfs she generously left to me, my mom and sisters.... ewww, fur minks..... Did anyone else have an aunt with things like that?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!  Keep Running!


XOXO That Pretty Runner