Dear Runner Lovers,

Today, all of my classes were canceled because we had a SNOW DAY!!  Even though my mid-terms are next week.... hahah.  Anyway, school is going well!  Since my freshman year, I have worked with the community service group at my college.   With them I have coached a youth running club, built with Habitat for Humanity, fundraised for the Catholic Relief Services, volunteered at the food pantry, made Valentines for soldiers and that sort of stuff.... Such a wonderful program.  Very exciting news, I just found out that my vision of an awareness week can come to life.  We will have movies, activities, guest speakers come into talk about safety, self-defense and issues along those lines.  I am really passionate about this topic.  Hopefully it will come together beautifully and be great for all women to attend, and men too. Stay tuned, I will keep everyone posted on specifics!! I feel happy!

Very soon, I will publish an interview with Kathryn Cody.  She is the head of our college Mercy Center and such a pure hearted soul.  This year she ran a half-marathon!! I am really looking forward to sharing her running journey. 

So, today I worked on that event planning research, studying and reading! 

When I arrived to the gym, I went to the locker-room and put on all my athletic clothes.  A woman getting ready for the day, after swimming, stopped to complement my shirt.  It was funny because, then we started talking about how the clothes we wear to look good sometimes turn into something we wear to sweat in! Hahah, my shirt today was beige and had a lacy flower pattern on the back, but the reason its so nice for running is the flowyness and openness.  Does anyone else have some real clothes they wear to the gym, when they're in that kinda mood?

I ran for a little over an hour on the treadmill.  Usually I keep it at 6, but in this session that tempo went up to 7.5 for a quite some time.  This girl, got a little too crazy!    My headphones were blasting Taylor Swift songs the entire time, hahah.  I need upbeat music to workout with, unless its cloudy outside and I put on classical things... I exercise to Reggae Music a lot.. for weights I like hardcore... Afterwards, I did my 50 toe-touching sit-ups and all the weight machines.  Then, I went into the sauna, it felt really nice to be warm and toasty.  

I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! XOXO


That Pretty Runner


I always discover new beauty, running.

I always discover new beauty, running.