Dear Runner Lovers,

Today, I went to brunch with my roomy and ate half a blueberry bagel, fruit with whipped cream and coffee.  Yummy!  Then, my morning/afternoon was pretty studious for several hours.   I am writing out my study-guide for my big test!  Very proud of myself.  It feels awesome to review formulas and be like these are fun, oh yeah I know this. :D

The weather is so perfect, I decided to go on a nice 3 mile walk to the lake front.  The ice looks very cool, being washed up onto the beach.  Clouds are fluffy, the sky is true blue.  Love it!

Later tonight, I have an easy 7 miles on the agenda.  This girl, is hitting that treadmill! 

Did anyone else have a nice walk outside today!?

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday! ( or whatever day it is where you are :D) XOXO


That Pretty Runner