Dear Runner Lovers,

I am so HAPPY😁!! Everyone keeps sending me cards and presents in the mail.  Today, I received three cards in the mail, 💌and like five packages📦 (the post-office must think I am crazy)!  My sisters sent me new running clothes👣💃! Yay!  So I had to take pictures to send them... it was a struggle getting the entire shirt in the picture, hahah📸!  Pink, is Under Armour, and black is Nike (with thumb holes, yes!) Feeling like the luckiest girl in the world☘🌎!  I bet that everyone, is getting sick of me being 21! 👑

I ran on the treadmill for an hour, on level six!😄  I feel like I get better mileage off of a treadmill. When I go fast on the treadmill I sweat too much 😩 , for the mileage, it seems harder than outside... Does anyone else feel like it's harder to run long on a treadmill?!😅

Every night for abs I do crunches, and toe touching sit-ups.  I am trying to do 25 push-ups in the morning and 25 at night!  Let's work that upper-body and see what happens! 🤗

I hope that everyone is having a fantastic week!   Ti auguro una fantstica settimana ( my pen pal ✒️💕is teaching me new phrases)! 😉

Stay Chic,💋

That Pretty Runner


I love sail boats, so much! :D

I love sail boats, so much! :D