Dear Runner Lovers,

Today, I work up had my coffee and went to class.  I received an A on one of my first big papers, YAY!  After all my classes, it was time for lunch.  So I grabbed a grilled cheese sandwich and chocolate chip cookie.  I put them in my bag together.  My sandwich warmed up my cookie through the paper it was wrapped in, which was very nice.  Then, my phone started ringing!  Unfortunately, it went to voicemail because I have way too much stuff in my bag.  I listened to the message and was notified that a perishable package had been delivered... What could it be?!?

Ooh la la! 

I love the post office at school, because we all know each other! It is very exciting receiving special packages and showing them to everyone.  My Daddy sent me flowers for Valentines Day! :D Best Valentine Ever!! Love him so much, he will always be my #1 man!  They are beautiful, vibrant, and I cannot wait until they fully bloom.  Happy, happy, happy!

Later on in day, I went to the gym.  I did the elliptical on 20 incline with 25 resistance for a half hour, and treadmill on 6.5 for another half hour..  Then I did abs, weights and sauna! There's nothing like putting on a cozy sweater and some bic bands after a hard workout. 

Hope everyone is having an absolutely AMAZING weekend! XOXO

Stay Chic,

That Pretty Runner