Dear Runner Lovers,

Today, my mom and I were discussing how to be safe while running alone on trails.  I really wanted to put up a link to a post I wrote a while ago, about my Wearsafe Button.  I just wanted to remind everyone how wonderful this piece of technology truly is.

As a runner, I would recommend these obtainable measures to take regarding safety.....

  • Wearsafe GPS button.  A friend will always be able to find you if something happens, and it is small!
  • Carrying a phone.
  • Never go out somewhere without a friend knowing where you are!
  • Taking self-defense courses.  I have been working on strengthening with weights and push-ups too.
  • Wearing your hair to the side, in a hat or in a ballerina bun.  So no one can grab your hair.
  • Carrying pepper-spray, for unfriendly animal encounters.
  • Carrying a pocket knife.
  • Try to run with a buddy or large group.

It is all these little things that can make a huge difference, and it is important to discuss safety.  I wish that all we had to worry about was training and improving times, but there is so much more to running.

I hope everyone goes the extra mile to be safe!

Happy Running

That Pretty Runner