Dear Runner Lovers, 

I have been reflecting on how much my website has grown this year.  I feel such joy looking at my google analytics and seeing all of my readers from all over the world! When I first started writing about my adventures, I never dreamed of having so many readers. It is outstanding, and I feel so grateful to have your support. 



Not only has my audience grown, so has my running! πŸ˜„I actually started this in an off time of my running life. πŸ™ƒ I was 19 and had been running long for two years, had just trained for an ultra-marathon.  Then, I was running 110 miles every week for months, trying to get fit enough to run a qualifying time for a certain marathon event.   I did not rest enough to recover and actually got some stress fractures in my feet.πŸ‘£  Another part of the fractures is, your body is still growing until age 25 and that is a lot of running for someone still growing according to my orthopedic doctor...πŸ€“  Most people wait until after they are 25-30 to do marathons for this reason, but I would not have it any other way. πŸ—“2️⃣5οΈβƒ£πŸ˜‰ However, that was really hard for me and I really questioned if all my work was worth it. πŸ˜₯  At that point in time, I never really talked to anyone about the way I was running, and always went running by myself.  Who wants to run 20 miles twice in one weekend?! πŸ€— Which was weird for me, because I always played lacrosse with a whole bunch of girls, always having a social life corresponding to my sport.πŸ‘―  There just are not marathon teams! Which is fine, but sometimes you want to talk about running with other runners. πŸ“žπŸ˜Running is not really something I want to have an in-depth conversation about with my best friends, because there's so many other things to do and talk about. 😎  I feel like all us runners relate in this way, hahah, and I think it is great that we can all talk about running here!  


A year later, my feet are fine,  I can start working my way up to speed, I have a very fun website to talk about running all the time, and most importantly I have met such an amazing group of truly inspiring runners! πŸ’– 

Even though this is not a full time job for me, because I am in college and have a pretty full schedule... I feel like I am in a place where I could write more articles featuring other runners!   So I started a new Instagram page @pr_runner_lover, where you can #runnerlover to potentially be featured in an interview.  I think this is a positive thing for all of us, and I am very excited.  Help me find you!! πŸ˜„ Also, you all could email me,, anytime. 

I hope everyone is feeling fabulous.  I really appreciate everyone reading and contributing to this blog. 

Happy Running!  

That Pretty Runner