Dear Runner Lovers,

I feel so weird, officially being all the way into adulthood!  I had such a nice birthday, yesterday!  My roomies are the best girlfriends, ever.  Such a fun time! 😘💋💅💄💃

I love my nuts dark chocolate, Chocolate Pizza Company, birthday pizza!  My absolute favorite thing in the entire world.  It was such a surprise, my parents had it specially delivered to me on Friday.  Everyone was very excited, because they had never seen one before! Now, they all want one for valentines day, hahah! 🍫🍷😁

My nephew sent me a picture, with a special message, cuddling on his baby-blanket I crocheted!

Today, after brunch, I went to the gym with my roomy!  We tried some different cardio workout videos, and it was hilarious. Then, we were lifting weights.  Thinking that I just grabbed 10lb weights to do my little exercises, it was actually 10lbs on each side(20lbs each)!! WHY?!? So I was doing my arm lifts, trying not to drop them in front of my friend, whilst wondering why it felt so heavy... She was like, girl that's 40 lbs! After that, I could not put those barbells down fast enough.  Too funny!  Making things even more embarrassing, my professor saw the entire thing, too!😅

I love being at a small college, because I always run into my professors at the gym and everywhere...😄  It is nice being a friendly, close-knit, happy community at school.

Hmmm.... that really sums up my weekend! Now, I am just listening to Annie Lennox songs while I study for everything!  I hope everyone is off to a fabulous week! Keep running. xoxo💋

Stay Chic,😉

That Pretty Runner


Sono Io, mia ragazzo...

Sono Io, mia ragazzo...