Dear Runner Lovers,

The song Run, Baby, Run by Sheryl Crow just came on my playlist and it reminded me of all my Runner Lovers!  We all know it's literally about running, hahaha! Yesterday, I really loved meeting all of my new friends on Team Bic Chick!  Love having a team, again!  I decided to post a picture of my knee looking less scary and less bruised than it was right after my fall.  Today, I did an hour on the elliptical on 20 height and 25 resistance.  I love feeling the muscles on my thighs after a hard workout.  I am trying really hard to stick with my upper body regimen of benching 100 pounds, 50 push-ups a day (25 in the morning 25 at night) and arm circles with five pound weights alongside other little exercises.  I would rather run 20 miles than do weights, hahah!!  Who else is a cardio-lover?! I hope that everyone is having an absolutely amazing day! Keep Running:D

Stay Chic,

That Pretty Runner