Dear Runner Lovers,

I am very excited to announce that I am officially a BIC Band Ambassador!! Because I Can Bands!! Go team Bic Chick!!


BIC stands for BECAUSE I CAN.  The owner of this company, Sandy, is a truly amazing and inspiring woman.  Sandy started designing these chic non-slip headbands, before her first half-marathon to raise money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  BIC Bands are handmade by a lovely group of women in beautiful, Southern California.  Every month, a percentage of every band sold is donated to a different charity!!!

These are literally my favorite headbands in the world! I wear them all day everyday!  You may have seen a few in the pics on my homepage and throughout my blog.  They really stay in place all 26.2 miles, I promise! 

All of my Runner Lovers, can try these bands out with 10% off using this code! 



Hahahah, now everyone knows my real name!! The secret is out!  Please, think of me as Maddie!  My name is so old, but at the same time I do love being named after my great-grandmother! (the middle name is even older and longer...) Does anyone else have a very old name? :D

If you are in a Star Wars kind of mood.. you will really feel the force during a hard workout with the new orce Collection.


I love the sparkle bands!

Sporty Bands!!

There are just so many!!


I hope that everyone is having a fabulous week!

Stay Chic,

That Pretty Runner