Dear Runner Lovers,

It is a snowy, blustery winter!!  Instead of running last weekend, I brought my dad to see the Star Wars movie, 3D and IMAX.  He was so excited!  Afterwards I asked, "What did you think???",  he looked so serious and said. " Those features were amazing, outstanding, just incredible."  It was a wonderful father/daughter day.  Yesterday, my flight was delayed five hours, so happy it wasn't canceled.  During the flight and everything, I read the Stephen King novel Mr. Mercedes.  Love it!  That man is a genius, and anyone seeking a suspenseful, murder mystery thrilling thriller needs it in their life.  Anyway, so I had my knee x-rayed after my fall and now it's officially NOT broken.  Just bruised black/blue, swollen, and torn up. YUCK... but it's a lot prettier now.  I'm just looking up to my spring races.  Everything will fall into place, is what I keep telling myself!  Last year, after my Florida vacation, I broke the metatarsals in my left foot running barefoot twenty miles everyday along the ocean.  It's amazing I was never stung by a jellyfish.  I just kept running for a month before finally seeing a doctor, because I thought the pain was just tendonitis.  Seeing the cracks in the x-ray was a huge shock.  So my advice is not to run on black ice or barefoot along or in the ocean (even if you cannot resist, try harder).  Going on a date with one high heel and one knee-high boot cast, is not a good time, hahah (athlete probs)!  I was so frustrated about not racing, because it's such a small part of my body that was broken...It happens to the best of us.  The key is to stay in your own lane, with those personal goals.  I hope that everyone is staying warm and having a fabulous week! 

Stay Chic,

That Pretty Runner