Dear Runner Lovers,

Last night was so much FUN! Nevertheless, I started the new year off with a mimosa and 365 sun salutations, for good luck every day of the year.  Then, I ran on my treadmill for an hour on level six whilst playing loud music, and I did a fun twenty-minute cardio workout for the lower body.  The cardio involved jumping-jacks, lunges, scissor-jacks, side-kicks, leg lifts, jumping and more jumping-jacks!  For abs, I did four minutes of plank, and 50 sit-ups touching my toes every time.  I really want to get a 6-pack this year, let's see if I'm capable of maintaining that motivation.  After I catch my breath and hit the shower, I'm taking a nap!  Snow is falling very hard so treadmill is my bff at the moment, but my favorite thing is playing my violin by the fireplace watching the snowflakes fly around...hahah... maybe that will be tonight's adventure.  I hope everyone is having an absolutely AMAZING first day of 2016!!!! cheers to new beginnings :D

Stay Chic,

That Pretty Runner