Dear RunnerLovers,

Today I ran 22 miles in a little under 3 hours! Wow, that was intense.  My song for todays adventure was Infinity, by One Direction.  Sometimes my long runs feel like infinity...hahah! I am getting so excited for my marathon on October 18th! Over the past three years, I have grown so much as a runner.  I finally feel confident running longer distances, though 26.2 miles is still very intimidating.  It's funny how I just jumped into the full-marathon, without doing a half-marathon first.  I actually did not run a legit half-marathon until a year after my first full-marathon. There has been a lot of learning through trial and error, especially in my diet. The day before my long-runs or marathons I've discovered that if I drink two protein shakes (muscle milk) my legs do not fatigue as quickly.  Protein is huge!  Another thing I like to do before a race is have small meals throughout the day, like a mini bagel and bite of pasta every two hours.  Carb-Loading can be the worst, but it is so important to make sure you have energy.  Race day is going to be here before I know it!  RunnerLovers, what do you like to eat!? Any one else running high-mileage this weekend? I hope that everyone is having a fabulous weekend! Keep Running.