Dear RunnerLovers,

Today, I ran 15 miles and then went to the Lake. I feel like I was running 6-7 minute-miles.  While I was on a trail for the final 3 miles of my run, I fell flat on my face over a root! I am so clumsy, and it was a hard fall.  I was running so fast and really not anticipating falling... Then, I started thinking about that quote, "We fall down to get back up again."  This applied to me very literally during todays adventure, but at the same time there was still that figurative aspect.  So much can happen while you're running through the woods.  There are wild animals, people, cat-calling, cyclists, rocks, steep-hills, no cell-phone reception, gels can explode in your sports-bra, etc... Runners have a special type of mental-toughness when they are out running  alone through long-trails and country-roads.  Anything can happen and sometimes one may run into situations that are extremely terrifying.  Probably, every runner has felt vulnerable and threatened at some point in their training.  I think that everyone should learn self-defense, when to just run away, how to handle an uncomfortable conversation with a predator, tell someone where/when they are running, have a phone with GPS, and carry pepper-spray in case of an animal attack.  Beating my PR's in the marathon and half-marathon is such a huge goal, but at the same time I need to feel safe and confident training.  26.2 miles is a lot of space to cover.  It is so important to be strong, stay focused, think fast and look up at the horizon.  Who else has felt vulnerable while running? It helps me to feel like I'm not alone enduring certain scenarios, or I put on a Chanel Lipstick.  Nevertheless, I hope everyone is having a fabulous week! STAY SAFE. Run on!