Dear RunnerLovers,

Today, I ran ten miles in cool brisk fall weather.   I love running in below 70 degrees, because I can finally put a shirt on over my sports-bra and spandex without getting heat-exhaustion! After running I worked on my stretching.  I am trying to be as flexible as I was back in the day when I did ballet.... maybe it will happen by Christmas.  This week I am going to work on speed, so tomorrow I will probably run 10 miles at half-marathon-pace and then do six 200's.  It's funny how if you aren't paying attention there can be a 5:30 minute-mile, an 8 minute-mile, then three 6 minute-miles,  an 8 minute-mile and then you're right back at 5:30 minute miles.  That's why I love my Garmin forerunner!  I would be a lost puppy on my long-runs without my stopwatch.  Technology is amazing. Who else loves their stopwatch and is working on splits?  I hope everyone is having a fabulous week. Keep running!!