Dear RunnerLovers,

Over the weekend I went with some friends to Kennebunkport, Maine!  I ran all through Kennebunkport and then all along the ocean.  It felt incredible.  Yesterday, I ran ten miles at 6 minute mile pace along the ocean on a side-walk.   It was really early in the morning so the new song Confident by Demi Lovato really got me pumped-up for my run!  Afterwards I went down to the beach and found lots of seashells.  I just arranged them on my desk in my room and they look fantastic.  One day, I went to all of the art museums in Kennebunkport.  In my favorite pieces, the artist used gold-leaf on canvas and then actually painted over the gold-leaf.  I was completely mesmerized, I wish I took a picture....  I hope that everyone is having an absolutely amazing start to their week! Who else went running!?

Stay Chic,