Dear RunnerLovers,

This weekend I moved back into college! Yay! It's the start of a bright and beautiful semester. Today I went running down to a bridge, all along the lake and around my campus. It's so nice!!! I even adopted a gold-fish and named mon petit amie Swimmy. I hope Swimmy lives longer than I expect, hahah...   Over the weekend, I stayed in Portland with my parents. We had the best time ever eating lobster and taking pictures by the ocean. They're currently driving up the coast of Maine together, too cute.  I was so happy that most of my sun-flower garden bloomed the last few day I was home for the summer. They grew over ten-feet tall. I am hoping to get all my big mileage in this week or at least my 20 mile run this weekend!  Does anyone else have a gold-fish!? Hope everyone is having an absolutely amazing week!

Stay Chic,