Dear RunnerLovers,

I have been having a fabulous week.  Everyday, I have been running 15 miles around my town and through my favorite  park.  Sometimes, when I make it to the park I take a break to wade my feet in the water! Twice a day I like to do my ab-workout with some push-ups (500 crunches 3 minutes plank and 30 push-ups).  I went out for a sister-fun day, to the Saint Lawrence River.  Usually we go into the bay, but this week we went to a beautiful hotel in Clayton for lunch.  Yesterday, after a ten-mile run I went to Skaneateles Lake for some water boarding.  The water was very choppy, nevertheless I was standing most of the time! Then, I hit the pool and did a mile of laps.  My goggles broke in half about a week ago, after trying to super-glue and melt them back together I decided it was time to splurge on a new pair.  Now, I am using the Speedo Vanquisher Mirrored Goggle for women.  They are perfect for laps.  I just met the new addition to my extended family of pets! My Aunt, just adopted an all black kitten named Aggie! I think she is a lucky black-kitty. Next week I'm heading back to college, so I was extremely excited today when my Corso Como over-the-knee black suede boots came in the mail. YES!  I have been working on some new runner interviews, so keep an eye out for Monday. Who else needs to jump into water they're running along? Is anyone else enhancing their wardrobe for back-to-school!? Hope everyone is having an absolutely amazing week!

Stay Chic,