Dear Runnerlovers,

Today, I did every runners favorite thing in the world; I went to Fleet Feet.  I bought a new pair of Nike Zoom Verona 10's, a handful of fruity Honey Stinger gels and some hot-pink race socks!! Even though its only been less than a day,  I have a good feeling about these new sneakers.  Tonight, I ran ten miles, did some strides, and my feet feel terrific. Hank, fitted me for my sneakers and taught me a cool new way to lace them.  Bring the lace from the outside to the inside of the top hole, on the same side.  Do this to both sides, then pull the laces through the loop of the opposite side, as if you were lacing your sneakers regularly.  I never would have thought about this if Hank hadn't made the recommendation.  I felt like a queen, having someone else put my sneakers on, lace them up, unlace and then take them off.  I'm getting ready to run the Boiler Maker 15k this upcoming weekend with my sister for some fun!  Last year, we ran together and had the best time ever.  We wore matching outfits, finished together pretty strong, there were different bands jamming at every mile, we had popsicles, received finisher pins and enjoyed snow-cones and drinks afterwards.  It's the last year I'll race it under 21, hahah! I hope everyone is having an absolutely amazing day!

Yours Truly,