Dear RunnerLovers,

Today I ran 15 miles, did 1000 crunches, 50 push-ups and I started interviewing other runners! Under the interview section is All About Krissy, and there are several more runners to meet in the upcoming weeks. Krissy, does not let her diabetes stop her from conquering anything from the 5k to half-marathon, and it’s pretty amazing. We met in the park early in the morning, went on a walk, and chatted about our running-lives. It made me excited about coaching Girls on the Run, and all of my upcoming races!  Yesterday, I went to the Saint Lawrence River with my mom and grandmother to have lunch and look at Boldt Castle.  That’s my absolute favorite thing to do in summertime.  Castles are my favorite! Another cool thing that happened is, Fort Drum was running a drill and there were twenty-helicopters over us! It was really incredible to see, unfortunately my picture isn't too fantastic. Who else loves running, helicopters and castles!? Hope everyone is having a fabulous day.