Dear RunnerLovers,

Today, I went for a nice long beautiful hike with my sister through Fillmore Glen.  I'm so proud of us for climbing up some pretty ginormous hills and steep steps, all before nightfall!  Pretty incredible, several miles.  We met a lot of hikers with their families and puppies. Hiking to waterfalls is my favorite, we took so many pictures along the way. Us girls, pretended we were in Alice in Wonderland walking up the big steps through the woods! The weather was absolute perfection, very sunny but at the same time not too hot. Afterwards, we put our feet in the natural cold-spring pool- not too far from the falls.  It's a very cool naturally formed  pool, with a pretty stone bridge over it.  So refreshing, 56 degrees in the water.  Who else love love love's hiking and fun sister days?! Hope everyone is having an absolutely amazing week! 

Stay Chic,