Dear Runnerlovers,

Today is the day before the Boiler Maker 2015K! I am extremely excited to be 20 and running this 15k in 2015! It's pretty cool.  On our drive over to Utica this morning, we were blasting everything One Direction and 5SOS. There were so many people at the expo, 15,000 2015k runners. My sister and me bought matching Boiler Maker 2015K t-shirts and Nike spandex.  Then, us girls grabbed a bunch of free stuff like a Ranger Ultra t-shirt, power bars, water-bottles, sport-drinks, almond butter, humus, Chobani yogurt, a cow-bell,  and chocolate covered pineapple bites. Tomorrow, we'll definitely be having some fun in the sun.  Hope everyone is having an absolutely amazing weekend!