Dear Runner Lovers,

People always ask me, "What do you think about when you're running 20 miles?"  This is such a great question, I am sure most marathoners are asked from time to time.  I remember my routine last January, when I went to my grandmothers house in Florida.  I would choose a subject of physics that's on my GRE and do three practice problems.  Then, I reviewed the topic and went through my work until I felt like everything was correct.   My topic could be random and interesting, like Positronium Systems.  After doing my math or whatever, I went on my morning run.  While running, I like to review things in my mind, so I'll envision the math problem and brainstorm.  Running along the beach barefoot in a bikini with my hair down, and brainstorming for an entire month was incredible.  It felt really nice to just be able to study whatever I wanted to, soak up the sun, and run in the sand.  I cannot wait to go back this January!  During a brainstorming running session, because I love the violin so much, on my little iPod shuffle I listen to intense solos like the Devil's Trill Sonata.  At night I gave my brain a break, blasted my headphones with fun music, and just got into my zone.  When I'm in the "zone" I literally do not think about anything.  It is so hard to explain... obviously I must be thinking, but its more subconscious thoughts.  Subconscious thoughts like, breathe, put one foot in front of the other, relax shoulders, use your thigh muscles, look at the horizon, I need to keep my hair out of my face, and nothing complex at all.  Once in a while on the run, I sing Beyoncé or Kesha super loud and people think I'm crazy.... I have such a funny story!  Sometimes, when I ran down the beach, boys would try to hit on me and it was hilarious!  One evening, while I was tempo running this surfer sprinted from his house down to me and started doing push-ups in the ocean.  I was tempted to get next to him and start doing push-ups too (hahah), but I was running 5:30's and really did not want to stop.  He actually did this everyday for over a week, no matter what time it was, so I guess he waited for me...(sorta creepy).   Maybe you had to be there.... Love it!  All in all, running can be a fabulous way to help brainstorming, or a terrific way to just escape reality and turn my brain off.  What do you think about when you're running?  I hope that everyone is having a marvelous Sunday! Keep Running.  Brainstorm! ;D

Stay Chic,

That Pretty Runner