Dear Runner Lovers,

I went out for a nice 10 mile run today.  It is getting chilly out there, and I am loving my Nike thermal tops!  There is fleece or something on the inside of the sleeves, very cozy.  Running through town feels so nice, after being away for so long.  I love all of my trails, hills and old high-school track.  Finally, I went to the new Chocolate Pizza Company location and felt like I was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!  Now,  I am a happy girl going back to college with my chocolate pizza slice, peanut butter wings, and giant marshmallow covered in chocolate and m&m's (not that I eat candy or anything, hahah :D)!  Speaking of marshmallows... I held my friend's little baby Marshall on a walk in the park this week, and he slept the entire time!  We never took a picture of us together, but I have one of him modeling as a baby fox on a fur blanket!  Also, I made a delicious apple-tart last night!  I just cut the dough into a square, arranged the brown-sugar, cinnamon and butter covered apples in a neat pattern... then swirled some frosting on!  New York State Apples are the best, nothing compares.  This week really flew by, I am heading back to school tomorrow.  I hope that everyone has had a fabulous week, and travels safely!  Keep Running!

Stay Chic,