Dear Runner Lovers,

Today, I ran 18 miles! I just woke up and ran to my old high-school, through the park, to Baltimore Woods, and back around my block.  It was a terrific start to my day, and I truly love running into everyone in town. The weather was perfect, I just wore my Nike spandex, and a white long-sleeve with a scarf.   Afterwards, I went on a walk with my sisters and mom.  Every Thanksgiving, we go for a walk at the Erie Canal Park!  Then, of course we came home to watch the dog show and help my dad in the kitchen!  Later in the day, we watched that incredible win for Syracuse Basketball.  Go Orange!  Tomorrow I'm going to Dickens in Skaneateles, another favorite tradition!!  Everyone in town dresses up as a Dickens character.  I cannot wait for someone wearing a top-hat to say Happy Christmas!! My favorite Dickens novel is Great Expectations, because my grandfather gave me a copy when I was 10 and I have read it every year since!  What is your favorite Dickens novel?!  I hope that everyone had a wonderful day with their family! XOXO

Stay Chic,

That Pretty Runner