Dear Runner Lovers,

I took a train to meet one of my girlfriends in New Hampshire and we had a little road trip back to New York for Thanksgiving!  Just us girls, having fun eating candy and listening to the new Adele album.   I am obsessed with 25!  On the train ride, I started to knit a red infinity scarf so I simultaneously listened to my absolute favorite One Direction song, INFINITY, on repeat.  It felt very special and I love taking the train!  Today, I had a pretty hard-core workout.  I ran 4 miles at 6 minute-mile pace, arrived to the track and did six 200's, then ran another 7 miles.   My cool down was a one mile walk up my road, and then I hit the shower.  Afterwards, I made cinnamon rolls and they are the best things in the entire world.  Who else love love loves cinnamon rolls!? I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Keep Running. Eat everything ;)


That Pretty Runner