Dear RunnerLovers,

I have a huge announcement!  Patrick McGaune, one of my best girlfriend's little brother, just came in 20th place at the New York State Cross-Country Championships!! I am so proud of him and I really adore the sibling love happening between Molly and Pat in their post-race picture!  Today, I spent a few hours reviewing my quantum mechanics, because I really want to get a high score on my Physics GRE this April, but sometimes I forget a few postulates of things like the Hermitian there's no way that will ever happen, again.  It was a blustery day in the woods, especially running along the lake front.  Nevertheless, I got all my mileage in like a pro all while listening to the new Justin Bieber and One Direction albums.  I just love Harry Styles and his man-bun, so much.  It felt so good to get back inside after running in the cold, I just hopped right in the shower, straightened my hair, threw on some Prada Candy with an oversized Cornell Lacrosse t-shirt and watched Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Who else loves Harry Styles, physics and running?!  I hope that everyone watches Breakfast at Tiffany's this weekend.        

Stay Chic,