Dear RunnerLovers,

Today it's October 3rd, watch Mean Girls!  I ran 15 miles in the freezing cold along the lake.  It's so funny that I literally just went from wearing spandex and sports-bras to my super stay-warm Nike running pants and Bench ski-jacket with the hood up... maybe it'll warm up a little bit this week.  Then, I went to brunch came back and just jumped into bed.   I watched videos of old marathons like Paris, NYC, Trials and London from last year.  I love to watch all the incredible women up in front to see what they're doing.  Does anyone else like to watch old marathons on YouTube, sometimes!?  I also watched a documentary on my personal favorite and the best marathoner of all time, Paula Radcliffe. Everybody loves Paula! This really is a great documentary and truly inspirational. Love her.  Tomorrow I really want to run about 20 miles and do some yoga afterwards. This week I knitted my dad a hat, and I think that he is just going to love it.  Most importantly, I am officially an Auntie of the most adorable baby boy in the entire universe! I love love love my little Jacob.  Who else is running this weekend?! I hope that you are all having an absolutely amazing weekend! Keep Running. Stay Warm.

Stay Chic,