Dear RunnerLovers,

Today I posted an interview I did with my friend Chris Stogsdill! It's definitely a must-read. I went to the gym and did the elliptical for two hours with 20 resistance and 20 for the height and then went into the sauna for a little bit. I am really happy that I finished my marathon last weekend with the weather and everything.  In January I am probably going to go visit my grandmother in Florida and do a marathon in the sunshine.  Last week is going to count as my longest run towards whatever I'll race in Florida and now I can move forward feeling ahead of the game! Hahah, 26.2 miles in the snow was pretty hard-core for this girl. In the next few weeks I am going to start using my little video camera to record ten-minute cardio workouts I like to do everyday! That should be pretty cool. I really appreciate all the emails I've been getting from all of you, you're too sweet.  Please read the interview with Chris!  Who has been cross-training this week!? Hope everyone is having an absolutely amazing day! Keep Running.

Stay Chic,