Dear RunnerLovers,

On Sunday, I ran the Empire Marathon 26.2 in the snow!! I am so happy that I finished! It's too funny that the day of my marathon ended up being the first day of snowfall in Syracuse NY!  There were so many relay teams in the marathon, and everyone started out very fast.  At mile 10, my high-school cross-country team volunteered at the water station.  They were such sweethearts, I loved running into them and I hope they weren't freezing.  During the race, I met so many runners! I ran with some marathon moms and dads! It is really cute watching a child wearing their team mom or dad gear, cheering for their parent as they are running by.  I ran with one marathon-dad wearing a tutu, he said it makes his three daughters laugh! There were packs of running clubs, running couples, people of all different ages, shapes and sizes.  You never know who you'll run into during a marathon... My two older sisters and parents were waiting for me at mile 20! Love them so much, they're so supportive of my dreams, it truly helped to have them cheering me on.  The last five miles, I found a running-buddy and we pushed each other over the final stretch!! The announcer said my name as I crossed the finish-line with a huge smile on my face(he even mentioned my smile!).  Honestly, finishing a full-marathon is the best feeling in the world(snow and all). I loved hearing my name announced and having that medal placed around my neck just made everything worth it! My sisters rushed over to hug me afterwards, said congratulations, made fun of me for wearing my Kate Spade earrings for the entire race,  and then my parents took plenty of pictures!  We all celebrated later that night by watching Cinderella in our lounging-pajamas, cuddling with our Chihuahua, drinking wine and eating pastries.  Who else ran this weekend!? I hope that everyone is having an absolutely fabulous start to the week. Keep Running.

Stay Chic,


26.2 conquered in the snow! :D

26.2 conquered in the snow! :D